„Donating art for a good cause“

Dear friends,


„Donating art for a good cause“ aims to unite bulgarians in Vienna to help a little boy.
Dean Yurukov is only 10 years old and has had already over 10 orthopaedic operations. The fight for his physical development is yet to be continiued.


The story of Dean touched the heart of the Bulgarian artist Elena Terziyska, who lives and works in Vienna. At her exhibition this September, she told her friends her plans to donate all the proceeds from the sale of one of her greatest paintings for the treatment of Dean.


Gourmet Chef Hristo Zaneshev gave the idea to unite more people in Vienna supporting the cause – if everyone of us gives 15 euros and invites their friends to join this cause, by Christmas we can easily raise the sum of 1700 euros for the purchase of the painting.

It takes only 100 people with good hearts tо support Dean and his family.

Elena Terziyska will donate all the money from the sale of her painting to the family of Dean.

The painting can be donated to a public place (for example the bulgarian school in Vienna or the bulgarian church in Vienna) where the story of the painting could be described and the names of the donators could be listed as well.


We will all be happy to join and support the initiative. You can also give ideas for an appropriate place to expose the painting.





Dean Yurukov, 10


He was born with crooked and underdeveloped limbs and almost missing muscle structure. At the first 24 hours after Dean’s birth, the doctors had no hope for his survival. For their surprise he has proven that miracles could happen!


After multiple examinations, a diagnosis was given: Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, or simply arthrogryposis, which describes a contingental joint contracture in more areas of the body. Children born with one or more joint contractures have abnormal fibrosis of the muscle tissue causing muscle shortening and therefore are unable to perform active extension and flexion in the affected joints.


6 days after he was born, plaster boots were placed to adjust his crooked feet. Up to seven months of age, Dean grew up in plaster boots and these were changed weekly. After that the many operations started.

At the age of 6, he had already gone through over 10 orthopaedic operations in Bulgaria.

Since 2014, he has been monitored by an orthopaedist and plastic surgeon in Speising, Austria. Thanks to the orthoses who were made for him in Vienna, he already walks by himself.
The family of Dean has to travel to Austria every 3-4 months for the adaptation of the orthoses because of Dean’s growth.

The progress that he has achieved so far surprises even doctors!


Unfortunately, he still doesn’t move his hands. He needs daily help with feeding, dressing and washing. He found a way to write by himself, though. And as of now, this is the only activity that he can perform with his hands.


Along with the daily physical therapy, he swims and sometimes drives an adapted tricycle given to him as a present by the Bulgarian community in England.

The fight for his development continues. Our goal is for Dean to live an independent life.




Text: Ivan Kartchev

Journalist, media expert and online blogger

Translation: Bilyana Rakovska

media expert